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Newborn Care

Our Infant & Newborn Care Seminar

It is not uncommon to feel intimidated or nervous your first time caring for a newborn child. We want you to feel comfortable with your newborn, which is why we offer an informative “New Baby Seminar” that covers these topics:

  • Calming a crying baby
  • Visiting the pediatric office
  • Immunizations
  • Feeding your baby

If you’re interested in attending the seminar, then please contact us. Attendance is free and refreshments will be served.

Breast Feeding Issues

Nutrition should be the first priority of breastfeeding. The milk from a human body is capable of giving your newborn the exact types of immunity they need.

Here are reasons why many mothers prefer natural breastfeeding:

  • Psychological benefits afforded by mother’s milk.
  • Physical benefits that nursing imparts to the mother.
  • Economical benefits you enjoy from not buying formulated drinks.
  • Safety from knowing that your own milk comes pre-mixed, uncontaminated, with no missing ingredients.

Kids and Teens doctors recommend breastfeeding your baby exclusively the first 6 months of life. Breast fed babies need additional Vitamin D so please ask your doctor about Vitamin D drops. However, if you choose to formula feed, most brands (including store brands) have similar nutritional values but let us know if you have any specific questions. We can help you make an informed decision.

We also recommend delaying solids until 6 months of age when there is lower risk of allergies and the baby has greater motor skills to swallow solids. Also, do not give water to your infant during the first six months of life.

After 6 months, start with puréed vegetables then fruits and meats. Go slow. Start with one tablespoon and start in the morning to observe for any reactions. Do NOT give your infant honey, nuts, shrimp or shell fish such as crab.

Please talk to your doctor about a specific feeding schedule as every baby is different.

For more information regarding breastfeeding, please visit these websites:
The CDC Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions
The San Diego Breastfeeding Center

In Hospital/After Hospital Newborn Care

Our physicians are on staff at Providence Holy Cross Hospital, Providence Tarzana Medical Center, Northridge Hospital, and Valley Presbyterian Hospital. We are now accepting newborns. Regardless of which hospital your newborn was born at, our physicians are taking newborns in our practice. We recommend a hospital follow-up in 1 to 2 days to check your baby’s weight, do a complete physical exam, check on breast or bottle-feeding and evaluate for newborn jaundice.

Please bring all discharge paperwork to our office. In addition, our offices are open on Saturdays and Sundays for newborn checks. Please come in — we’d love to meet your new baby and family member!

Proudly Affiliated With:

• Northridge Hospital • Providence Tarzana Medical Center •
Valley Presbyterian Hospital • Huntington Memorial Hospital
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